The Road to a Better World or Game Over!

“Climate Warming’s Tipping Point will be like a Runaway Train on Fire with No Brakes.”

— Brian Michael Good

The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps towards a world with less consumption, less resources, less fossil fuels, less plastic, no deforestation, and eventually a Better World or it’s Game Over.


“You have choices. You can do nothing and the increased climate change will affect you, your children and your society in ways you have never imagined.


You can use your Free Will to buy Less, Slow Down The World’s Economy (Globalization = the Rich) until Nations & Companies meet the Climate Change Commitments that are necessary and buy Earth Safe Products from your local economy or it is Game Over!.”

Brian Michael Good


Empty Promises = Blah! Blah! Blah! = Lie! Lie! Lie!

Here is the hook, line, and sinker: Big business and Politicians do not represent you; They care about profits and their slush funds.


Your leaders will not meet their Promises and Pledges. Temperatures will reach 3.3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and reach the Tipping Point.


“Recent IPCC assessments, however, suggested that tipping points could be reached between 1°C and 2°C of warming.”

– How Close Are We to Climate Tipping Points? by By Renee Cho


The Tipping Point is when it will be too late to stop global warming. Efforts will be futile. The human race and 99% of organic life on the surface of planet Earth will end within 100 to 120 years. A person will need a spacesuit to walk on planet Earth just like Mars.

Ask yourself this… What would you do to save the extinction of 99% of all life on Earth if you knew the end was near? Game Over — End of the World?


If the human race is to survive global warming. We need to care more about Mother Nature and Mother Earth than ourselves.” — Brian Michael Good


“You can change the future only by implementing change in the present. The longer you wait to remove the causes of climate change the harder it becomes to implement change.

The clock’s ticking. — Brian Michael Good


Fossil fuels (oil & coal) and deforestation are the main catalysts causing the rise in temperature on Earth that need to be curtailed immediately… and because of their inaction the human race is doomed.” – Brian Michael Good


The Old World Economy needs to stop growing. Only Earth Friendly Industries and Earth Safe Products should be allowed to grow. We can choose to stop buying cheap products that last less than a year. We are only feeding the Old World Economy (a death sentence for future generations) and delaying the grown of Capitalism with Social Responsibility.


We can choose to stop putting chemicals into our soils & food, and choose to use the Regenerative Farming approach for food and farming systems.

Deforestation accounts for 33% of Climate Warming. Forests and oher ecosystems are carbon sponges; the North and South Poles have Permafrost (frozen ground) which are methane sponges. One widely cited 2017 study1 estimated that forests and other ecosystems could provide more than one-third of the total CO2 reductions required to keep global warming below 2 °C. The COP26 Summit agreement to end deforestation by 2031 is 10 years too late. Global warming will reach 3.3 or more degrees C above pre-industrial levels in the early 2030’s.


“An ice shelf holding a critical glacier in Antarctica could shatter within the next five years, scientists said Monday during an American Geophysical Union meeting. The Thwaites Glacier, which is the size of Florida, is already responsible for about 4% of global annual sea level rise.” – CNBC


The Arctic Ocean is losing more than 1.2 trillion tons of ice per year and worldwide oceans are rising. All Arctic summer ice is expected to melt by 2035 according to resent scientific models. (Ecowatch) If Thwaites Glacier in Antarctic breaks off worldwide sea levels would rise over two feet. The Thwaites Glacier is holding back other glaciers. The Thwaites Glacier break off from the Antarctic Ice Shelf will have a cascading effect on other Glaciers in Antarctic. [ Like dominoes ]


As ice melts there will less refection of Sunlight and the temperature on Earth will increase. The additional water added to our oceans will just make monsoons, hurricanes, and typhoons more powerful.


In the USA “The rising waters are already endangering hundreds of thousands of commercial structures, according to a first-of-its-kind report released this month. More than 700,000 apartment buildings, malls and office complexes face flooding risks in 2022 severe enough to impede business access, according to the analysis from the nonprofit First Street Foundation and engineering firm Arup. For businesses, the total downtime could reach 3 million days, while the economic impact of closures would approach $50 billion a year.” – CBS News


World Leaders’ COP26 Pledges will not be met. World Leaders and Oil companies love to kick the can down the road. The only problem is that in 10 years or so that road ends at the edge of the Abyss or the Tipping Point of no return.

We need to reduce our carbon footprint by buying products that are grown or produced locally. We could buy only the items we need and fewer items that we want. This happened after the Great Depression in the 1930s and during the present pandemic. People who lived through those lean years and in later years saved more of their hard-earned money having learned that they could live with Less.

Scientists warned us about climate change in the early 1980’s. The Big Oil Companies, Lied! Lied! Lied! The Paris Agreement has failed and the COP26 Summit’s Net Zero Commitments have come 25 years too late.

China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan’s leaders are not attending.

Many oil companies and coal producing countries are not serious enough about Climate Change. We must stop burning fossil fuels which account for 73% of greenhouse gases yesterday not 20 to 30 years from now.

190 countries and organizations Pledged at COP26 to phase out coal. The biggest exporters and polluters representing 50% of the coal emissions: Australia, India, USA, Japan, and China will not participate in the quit coal initiative. The human race will judge these countries harshly when we reach the tipping point.

There is no Carbon Tax which puts a price on Carbon Emissions.

There are No incentives and No penalties.

Only five major economies have net zero pledges set for 2050 so far.

India Net Zero in 2070, China Net Zero in 2060, Brazil Net Zero in 2060., Saudi Arabia Net Zero in 2060. India is building 28 coal-fired power plants with another 23 in pre-construction. China is planning to build 43 new coal-fired power plants.

Many countries pledged to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. It is mostly Talk and not enough Action. Globalization and the use of Fossil Fuels (oil & coal) are major contributors to Climate Change.


“Global warming could be kept to 1.8 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels if all the pledges and promises made at the COP26 summit in Glasgow are kept, the International “Energy Agency reports. Scientists have said warming needs to be kept to 1.5 degrees or below to avoid the most disastrous climate consequences, but 1.8 degrees is still big news given that the Earth is currently careening toward a 2.7-degree rise.”



Most of us are aware of CO2… It is the methane we should also be concerned about. Methane gas is frozen deep in Arctic permafrost and in the Antarctic. As each polar region and the glaciers on our mountains melt, Methane will escape at an accelerated rate. The release of methane gas will warm our World to the point of our extinction. Methane is a powerful greenhouses gas. Measured over a 20-year period, methane is 84 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2.

Deforestation is at a level not seen since 2008. The No Deforestation Pledge includes illegal deforestation;  illegal logging estimated at $51–$152 billion annually will only increase in the future. Mankind’s Greed will never end. If they cannot stop illegal deforestation now. They will not be able to stop its rapid increase in the future leading to more loss of biodiversity and fuelling climate change .

The increased carbon emissions and methane release in the permafrost over the next 10 years and other factors will lead to temperatures closer to 3.3 degrees C above pre-industrial levels in the 2030’s. The Tipping Point of No return from climate change will arrive sooner than anticipated.

The future; a Better World with “Capitalism with Social Responsibility” can only be changed in the present. Your participation will be more essential than ever for without collaboration we will never make the strides of progress towards… a Better World.

Brian Michael Good graduated with a degree in both Management and Economics from The University of Massachusetts Boston which is the only public research university in Boston, Massachusetts.  Harvard University faculty were engaged with teaching many of my core courses during my attendance. I tutored all 8 core courses of my management program.

Buy less, choose well, make it last.
“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood; She is a fashion designer and environmental warrior.

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Balance of Nature Face Mask
Leaders are Sleeping at COP26 Glasgow
Do you really trust our leaders to save us? Leaders are Sleeping at COP26 Glasgow. They are not taking Climate Change seriously. It is not that they do not care. We need to elect leaders in their thirties to early forties that have more to lose if they fail.

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Humans are causing alarming changes to the planet. Collectively, we are destroying ecosystems, polluting the ocean and altering our climate. Change needs to happen at every level of society, but as individuals we can play a role in making things better.

On November 10, 2021, we’re holding the first-ever Call to Earth Day. Celebrating a planet worth protecting, we’ll partner with schools, individuals and organizations across the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and to engage with conservation education. Join CNN on November 10 for a special day of coverage on TV, digital and our social media channels.

If we don’t take care of the environment, who will?

Coastal temperate rainforests once covered 1% of the Earth. Now, less than half now remains. And out of the original 1.9 million acres of redwood forest – only 106,000 acres of old-growth forest are standing, less than 5% remain.

We do not accept donations. We only want your participation.


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Whitney Webb Quote
Whitney Webb Quote.. “If you are going to trust billionaires and bankers who created the environmental crises to design a brand-new economic system because you think they care about the environment, you might as well hand them your brain in a bag.”