Our Mission

The Balance of Nature = Ecological Balance

Our mission is to restore the ecological integrity of our environment by empowering an individual’s free will decision to buy less products that are not necessary for their survival.

You buy 100% of your basic needs for food, shelter, clothes, personal care & transportation.

50% of your discretionary spending (The extra money you have left each week or month that you would normally spend on products that do not need in order to survive.) needs to be saved or spent on quality green sustainable products that will last 10 to 20 years.

We can slow down climate change by spending less or by buying more Earth Safe sustainable products for the next 10 years so innovation, technology, and green products can replace the crap we buy today that last for 2 years or less. Most of the products we purchase are no longer used 6 months after we buy it.

Many products are bought with our emotions (Less Social Media or watching fewer commercials and you will spend less). We may decide to return the product after we open the package. I know it is so easy to return something you buy. Nearly all items returned cannot be sold as new if at all. They get discarded. It is said that 40% of the holiday sales will be eventually returned which is not sustainable.

Chose not to use credit or your credit card when you buy anything. I have only used a debit card or cash for the last 10 years (I pay for most items from the money I have in my checking account using my debit card) You should see how I have increased my financial stability.

We need to reduce our carbon footprint. We could buy only the items we need and fewer items that we want. This happened after the Great Depression in the 1930s and during the present pandemic. People who lived through those lean years and in later years saved more of their hard-earned money having learned that they could live with Less.

A New DHL Study Predicts 80% of B2B Sales to Go Digital by 2025. (business-to-business sales) and consumer purchases online will increase dramatically. This is not sustainable. I can only suggest buying less online. When we reach the Tipping Point in 10 years or so just remember that there is no Planet B and we could have slowed climate warming by choosing to buy fewer items online.

Reduce your carbon footprint when you buy locally and from small business owners. If they do not survive; the economy does not do well. When you spend money at a local business and purchase a product that is produced in the city or town where you live the cash stays in your community and this creates jobs. Some of the cash comes back to you when another person buys your product in the same community. When you buy online you are sending your money to China, another country, and most likely to a rich person. The trickle down effect; the money is not shared and does not exchange hands as often when your money ends up in the hands of the rich.

Buy Earth Safe sustainable products that are made with less or no plastic and say No to a plastic bag when buying local; always carry a reusable bag and expect the online seller to ship your item in an Organic Sustainable Package that can be Returned to Nature.

Greenwashing (misleading claims) are rampant. An example of this are Plant based Poly Mailers made from PLA include PBAT (Made from Oil) which are not Sustainable. 

This concept can work if the human race participates. You have the power as an Eco-Conscious Consumer to slow down climate change when you spend less or spend your money wisely.

We can take our world back from the Rich by buying Wisely or by buying Less!


“You have choices. You can do nothing and the increased climate change will affect you, your children and your society in ways you have never imagined.


You can use your Free Will to buy Less, Slow Down The World’s Economy (Globalization = the Rich) until Nations & Companies meet the Climate Change Commitments that are necessary and buy Earth Safe Products from your local economy or it is Game Over!.”

The clock’s ticking. — Brian Michael Good